A rubber ribbon came from the tunnel as if coming slowly towards me, it grew from somewhere underneath the tunnel and caused subsidence......

Here. (The ceiling and the umpteen points of contact), acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 50cm, 2013-2016.


As if they were running, glaring, criss-crossing, leaning, lying, walking, talking and mirroring each other. Mixed media on the ground, against the wall.   The green on the lattice.

The blue square facing you.


Pool Types, (diptych) 75 x 75cm, 91 x 61cm, oil on canvas, 2011-2016.

The circle shape on the left against the wall- planet like. The circle shape on the right in concrete the inside twisting. Something plugged in more like a pool than the denim scrap of material it is. 

In this drone culture. 

A tunnel.

Seated mirror, foreign plastic rising pigment, fronts that open like slow doors.